A brief analysis of Jon Stewart’s television-viewing habits

Let’s dissect Jon Stewart’s television and movie-watching habits. His predilection for Star Wars is already well-documented (“Jon Stewart is sort of adorably predictable”), so I couldn’t help but imagine that our viewing preferences — to some significant degree — overlap. Sure, he spends all day watching FOX News, but I thought he might at least make time for some of the other media I adore.

Until, on last night’s show (at the 4:30 mark), when he discussed the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) to the democratically “elected” government of the Republic of Iraq:

JS: Newsflash, motherf*@#ers! You may have an international terrorist militia headed by a real-life supervillain, but Iraq has something even better:

Shepard Smith: The United States spent 17 billion dollars to help train and equip Iraqi security forces.

JS: America, fuck yeah! That’s right, the America-trained, America-funded, bad[moose], buttkicking Iraqi Security Forces. Looks like the ISIS militants are about to enter…

This is a perfect test! Let’s see how he does..

…the Hurt Locker

Mr. Stewart — are you sure you didn’t mean:

Yes, of course, he’s talking about Iraq, where the Hurt Locker is set — but then again, by the time you finish reading this article, the whole country just might be called ISIS. So given the way things are going, I’d put my money on sterling — Archer.

But at least we know he’s seen Team America: World Police.


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