Stephen Colbert’s robot coverage featured one glaring oversight

Monday evening, Stephen Colbert devoted his middle segment to an exploration of whether robots deserve civil rights. You are more than welcome to check out the entire discussion, but I’m primarily interested in a sketch that appeared at its tail end.

Colbert newsreel

Colbert International Newsreel of the Future (advance to 5:22) opened with a lonely robot boarding a bus:

Rosa Sparks

After she boarded, the camera cut to the downtrodden minority forced to sit in the back of the bus:

Robots back of the bus

But I’m less interested in providing a blow by blow of the clip’s plot — it’s short and enjoyable and I included a link above — and more interested in dissecting the main character.

The star of the show — the crusader for circuit rights — is cleverly named Rosa Sparks. Very clever. Even a UNC basketball player could understand this joke! But take one look at her face —

Rosa Sparks face

— and try to convince me her first name shouldn’t have been named Rosie:



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