Blink and you missed Penn graduation on last night’s Colbert Report

On last night’s Colbert Report, Colbert reported on ISIS, and what has driven the group’s ability to attract followers from rival militant groups:

Al-Baghdadi has a growing army, recruiting fighters from other militant groups by offering to triple their salaries up to $400 a month.

$400 a month! Baghdadi better be ready for a flood of resumes from recent comp. lit. grads.

As he spoke that last, check out the image that materialized on the screen:

Penn graduation on Colbert

Understand, I’m something of an expert on Penn graduation, so I recognized the source in an instant. Countless graduating students have plastered similar messages to their mortarboards, but those hoods, that campus, his handwriting — that right there is 2009 Penn graduate Nate Weiner, as photographed by Matt Rourke for the Associated Press:

hire me penn graduation

I was lucky enough to be in the audience on the eve of Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary in 2008, when Colbert relocated to Zellerbach auditorium in Philadelphia and [redacted] was kind enough to give me her second ticket. I so enjoyed seeing Locust Walk make the reverse journey to Colbert’s studio in New York that I felt somewhat compelled to share it with anyone who was interested enough that they clicked on a headline that includes the words “Penn graduation.”

For the record, Weiner was — you can tell from the colors draped over his shoulders — a graduate of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, but go ahead and pretend like the only people who had any trouble finding work back in 2009 (or now) are to blame because they picked “silly” majors like comp. lit.


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