Some free legal advice for Hope Solo

I should probably start this post with a disclaimer.

The first time Hope Solo was involved in an episode of domestic violence, I did my very best to write about the incident while not making light of the situation. I noted that if the allegations against then-fiance, now-husband Jerramy Stevens were true, they were obviously serious and not the proper subject of discussion on this blog.

And then I wrote about it anyway.

Now that Solo herself is the alleged perpetrator of the latest incident against her sister and nephew, I hope to similarly avoid any real discussion of the specific nature of her purported infraction. Domestic violence is not a joke. Millions of families suffer every year. I in no way intend to make light of its tragic reality.

That said, commentary on legal strategy is fair game. Having endured two years of law school, I feel entitled to engage in a bit of Thursday Morning Tippy Tappys.* So setting aside what Hope did or did not do to whom, here is my unprofessional advice for the Team America goalkeeper: next time you intend to do something bad** to someone else, consider doing it to your husband instead. He’s almost certain to drop the charges (and not just because he loves you):

Still surprised no one’s managed to put together a ‘Jerramy Stevens Greatest Hits’ reel, though I suppose you might feel compelled to choose a different name given his criminal history.

*Why yes, I did research the soccer equivalent of Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

**Obligatory note that it is still not entirely clear what exactly happened here.


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