Colbert and Stewart make the same joke — and the same mistake

Jon Stewart is listed as an executive producer on The Colbert Report, but that hasn’t always stopped Colbert from repeating jokes that appeared earlier in the evening on The Daily Show. The frequency of awkward repetition has certainly dissipated over the years — whether because of divergent source material or due to concerted effort, I do not know — but it showed up in full force last night, as the adjacent Comedy Central hosts both praised Barack Obama for sending the perfect number of American advisers to advise in opposition to ISIS advances in Iraq. Here’s Stewart, then Colbert:

Stewart 300 Colbert 300

Now, I’ve never seen the movie, but based on the true story, I’m pretty sure these guys not only made the same joke — they made the same basic mistake.

You see, the ISIS militants against whom the advisers have been sent to advise are Sunni Arabs. Meanwhile, the United States is quietly exploring military coordination and cooperation with Shiite militia and military elements from Iran also sent to oppose ISIS advances.

In short, the American “advisers” are nothing like the 300 Spartans of legend. Those originals battled the overwhelmingly numerous Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae. By contrast, their modern day successors appear poised to fight side-by-side with a Persian expeditionary force.

The analogy would therefore appear terribly inapt — unless, of course flash of insight — employing the 300 advisers as a Trojan Horse against Iran was Obama (and, let’s face it, puppetmaster Bibi)’s diabolical plan all along.

Nah, different Hollywood movie.


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