There’s still time to see justice done in the World Cup

Of course, it’s too late to do anything about Team USA’s elimination from the tournament earlier this afternoon. But it’s not too late for The Seattle Times to get at least one thing right in its World Cup coverage: more me.

After the opening match of the World Cup, the Times’ front page looked like this:

Seattle Times World Cup

As documented in “Brazil ruined my 15 arcminutes of fame!“, I should appear in this picture — unfortunately, I happen to be right behind the standing man’s head and am consequently not visible to the camera.

Today, I watched the game in the auditorium of the Seattle Central Library. Perhaps eager for redemption, the Seattle Times camera(wo)man once again found me. I know this because the paper posted a slideshow of USA fans watching the game all over Seattle. See if you can spot the author:

Seattle Times slideshow

(I’m the one paying close attention in the upper right-hand corner.)

As of the time of publication (approx. midnight), The Times has yet to post the pdf of tomorrow’s front page. I’ll be watching that space closely — this is what I do, apparently, I watch things like Kim Jong-il looks at them — to see if the paper is ready to atone for its earlier sin of omission or if I’m just going to have to try again in four years.

Though my expedition to the Library for the US-Germany game was not recorded by the Times, there was still this:


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