The New York Times left its World Cup analysis incomplete; I completed it

Right before the World Cup, the New York Times devoted an entire issue of its weekly New York Times Magazine to the upcoming international soccer tournament.

Americans love to make facile comparisons, especially when they talk about sports, so in one of its heroic efforts to make soccer more understandable/relatable, the Times tried to equate players who would appear in the World Cup to their American “counterparts”:

Know Your Superstars

After watching some number of World Cup matches, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that the Times inexplicably left its own exercise incomplete. Obviously, readers are expected to finish it up on their own. So here, I fixed it for you:

Know Your Superstars Fixed

(That is, I fixed it like a World Cup match.)

Four posts in a row. Since when did this become a sports blog?


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