Here’s how safe it is to fly into Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport right now

The FAA just extended its ban on American airlines (lower-case “a”) flying to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport for an additional 24 hours, but — at least under present circumstances — the precaution appears to be overkill.

And I have some pretty good evidence to support that contention.

No, not the fact that Michael Bloomberg flew commercial — oh, the humanity! — to TLV in order to express his support. And not even the fact that John Kerry felt comfortable flying directly into the ostensibly-banned airport.

What makes me so confident — again, at least for now — that all those cancellations were probably unnecessary appeared at the very end of an article in Haaretz describing Israel’s plan to temporarily open an additional civilian airport in its south to international traffic [emphasis mine]:

Among the European airlines that continue to fly to and from Israel are British Airways to London, Azerbaijan Airlines to Baku, Ukraine International Airlines to Kiev, Russia Airlines to St. Petersburg, Yakutia Airlines to Krasnodar, Bluebird Airways to Kos and Siberia Airlines to Moscow.

That’s right: It’s so safe to fly into Ben Gurion Airport, even the Ukrainians are doing it.


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