Facebook censorship of Israeli nudity lays bare (pun intended) unfortunate double standard

Shortly after publishing my previous post, Draconian Facebook censorship may have saved Israelis from themselves, I made two important discoveries.

One, that the creators of “Standing with the IDF” (a misleading name, if I’ve ever heard one, given the various states of repose exhibited within) are optimistic their page will be restored soon (במהרה בימינו):

Hi guys, (עברית בהמשך)
As most of y’all have noticed, the page “Standing with the IDF” has disappeared in the last few hours. We have encountered a temporary problem, and are working to the best of our ability to bring it back- FOR YOU!
Thank you everyone for your concern and warm words.
I will update y’all as soon as we’re back online.

היי חברים,
כמו שרובכם שמתם לב העמוד standing with IDF נעלם לפני כמה שעות.
נתקלנו בתקלה זמנית ואנחנו עובדות במרץ בשביל שהוא יחזור לאוויר כמה שיותר מוקדם.
תודה לכולכם על הדאגה וההתעניינות!
אעדכן כשהוא יחזור לפעילות!


As you may have gathered from my previous post, I am somewhat less than certain this would be a good thing. Bollocks.

Two, speaking of bollocks, I made that first discovery after learning that “Standing with the IDF” may have received all the press coverage, but that the page also boasted a sister brother site, “Standing with the IDF Men”, available at https://www.facebook.com/StandingWithIDFMen. In fact, I was able to make that first discovery because (as you may have just discovered), unlike the original, “Standing with the IDF Men” remains fully accessible online.

I’m not going to post examples, but suffice to say that any reasonable explanation I could have concocted for Facebook’s censorship of the original would apply in equal measure to this page. Israeli women are just not that much more dangerous than male sabras. Which, of course, leads me to the inescapable conclusion that Facebook has issues with female nudity that do not extend to the male form.

Don’t get me wrong. This post is not a call for Facebook to reinstate the lovely ladies of “Standing with the IDF” — I made it clear that this is something I don’t think should exist right now. And my opinion extends to both versions in equal measure.

But I also cannot, in good conscience, ignore the fact that Facebook appears to be enforcing something of a double standard when it comes to who gets to embarrass their country online. This is the internet. Either take them both down or leave them all to it.

And that’s probably enough blogging for the night.


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