The Telegraph never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity…

… to let a headline about the current conflict between Israel and Hamas make you* smile. Sorry for the extended headline.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Channel 4’s Jon Snow is deluded about Hamas. So much so that the publication titled a recent article using precisely those words: “Channel 4’s Jon Snow is deluded about Hamas“.

The article draws attention to three of Snow’s “disabling illusions about Hamas”:

  1. Snow thinks Hamas are a negotiating partner-in-waiting being ignored by Israel, but they aren’t.
  2. Snow thinks Hamas grew as a popular reaction to the blockade, but it didn’t.
  3. Snow thinks the ordinary people he talks to in Gaza can speak freely about Hamas but they can’t.

You can check out the article itself in case you’re curious to learn more about these three tricks illusions, but I would prefer — as suggested in the name of this very post — to dwell on the title chosen by the Telegraph editors.

Quite obviously, they should have gone with “You Know Nothing (about Hamas), Jon Snow.”

*Assuming you are a Game of Thrones fan. I am not. I wrote this post on the basis of cultural osmosis. I know nothing. So please, no spoilers.


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