Joan Rivers’ terror tunnels beneath the Hudson: not so far-fetched

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Joan Rivers have somewhat of a complicated relationship. On the one hand, you have unprovoked potshots like this one:

But on the other, there’s this:

But there is one issue on which Rivers and the Governor apparently see eye to eye: the threat of trans-Hudson terrorism. (Presumably, this is the threat the Hudson Institute was created to address.)

In the past, attacks across the iconic river have been conducted above-water — you may recognize the iconic painting of George Washington Crossing the Hudson — but in recent years the threat has moved underwater and underground.

Out of sight, out of mind. Until, that is, Joan Rivers (coincidence? I think not) called attention to the threat in her epic rant about Hamas and Selena Gomez, when she noted, “If we heard they were digging tunnels from New Jersey to New York, we would get rid of Jersey.”

Turns out, Chris Christie has been concerned by the threat of tunnels between New Jersey and New York for some time. How else to explain his otherwise inexplicable decision to torpedo the Trans-Hudson Passenger Rail Tunnel (ARC) in 2010? Sure, you could point to reluctance to raise New Jersey’s famously-low gas tax or desire to pander to those generally opposed to federal involvement in regional projects.

But Christie — better known for his activity above the River (as distinguished from Rivers) — is a moderate; why would he waste billions of dollars earmarked for a vital transportation and forgo billions more in federal assistance so he could spend the funds on the last thing Jersey needs more of (that is, highways)?

Thanks to Joan Rivers, we finally have our answer.


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