Marshawn Lynch is so close to former teammate Michael Robinson, Twitter can no longer tell the difference

No, it’s not because Twitter thinks all offensive backs lookalike.

Marshawn Lynch is one of the least well-understood players in the NFL. Witness the “extreme disappointment” expressed by the Pro Football Writers of America in response to the running back’s conduct at pre-Super Bowl media day. To nearly the same degree the journalists were upset about Lynch’s refusal to answer questions for the full allotted hour, they were miffed that Lynch got a little help from a friend:

Michael Robinson’s ability to speak on Lynch’s behalf is not an accident. The two are among the best of friends. My favorite demonstration:

“My kids love Marshawn,” said Robinson. “He’ll come babysit whenever I need him.”

That’s right: Mike Rob is, on occasion, Beast Mode’s actual boss.

Robinson hung up his cleats following the Seahawks’ victory in Super Bowl XLVIII (can’t say that often enough), but he and Marshawn remain close as ever. Here’s how Marshawn announced his decision to initiate the holdout he ended earlier today:

Lynch has always done things a little differently, including this holdout. The Seahawks running back announced his holdout by having an ex-teammate announce it on television. Lynch told former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson during a phone call that he would be holding out and then Robinson relayed that message to America during a segment on NFL Network.

The incident prompted me to make the following observation:

But although Lynch trusted Mike Rob enough to relay his message to the media, Robinson’s role as Official Marshawn Lynch Spokesman has remained strictly de facto. Through it all, there exists some finite amount of daylight between the two.

Which is why I was so amused to note the Twitter search results for “Marshawn Lynch” earlier today, shortly after the news broke he would report to camp:

Marshawn Lynch Twitter

I suppose that level of identification is altogether unsurprising for anyone who watched the pair keep their movements so perfectly in sync over the past few years in Seattle.

Marshawn Lynch, Welcome back.

Mike Rob, You will be missed.


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