Aubrey Plaza is a total badass; wears the skins of her mortal enemies

Aubrey Plaza, who you may better recognize as April Ludgate, appeared on last Thursday’s The Daily Show to discuss her new movie, Life After Beth. In the interview, Plaza briefly summarized the plot of the movie:

I will explain the movie . . . The movie starts off and I’m dead, I’ve been bitten by a snake, and then I unexpectedly come back and chaos ensues.

Pretty straightforward plot. But here’s the part where snakebitten Aubrey is a total badass — she showed up to promote the movie wearing a dress that suspiciously resembles an oversized snakeskin <compare>:

Aubrey Plaza snakeskin

Do not mess with Aubrey Plaza. She is cold. blooded. She is a caricature out of Roald Dahl. And she will probably turn you into a dress.

Another one of these and I’ll have to inaugurate a “Fashion” tag.


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