Alright, (inferior) Washington — you win this round

It’s pretty silly there’s a Washington city and a Washington state — I’m even on the record admitting my state is in the wrong whoever named my state is in the wrong should be shot — but so long as that situation festers, it remains fair game to make unfounded and pointless comparisons between the two dissimilar locales.

Today, our respective baseball teams — and the fans who ROOT for them.

The Seattle Mariners Twitter account seemed very excited yesterday to have discovered a fan so excited about the team that he was willing to do this:

But much as I believe Washington, state edition, is far superior to our nation’s capital, I don’t think there’s really much of a contest when it comes to team spirit bears:

(Typo not entirely unintentional.)


4 thoughts on “Alright, (inferior) Washington — you win this round”

    1. I included a list of suggestions in my previous post on this subject — which you can find right through the very first hyperlink in this post — and a very similar name is on it, among others. Great minds…


      1. I, too, may have already blogged on it. Or else it’s coming up.
        Still, in my experience, it’s a remarkable place, even on the desert side where I spent four incredible years all too long ago.


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