The curse of the Bing search screen

Local search engine Bing hosts a rotating cast of photographs, which I happen to see every day because they are featured on the search screen of my Windows Phone. The photos always feature embedded hints and teasers meant to encourage visitors to click through and google more using Bing.

I last took special note of the home page this past Mother’s Day. The photograph caught my eye today because it looked quite familiar:

Bing home page Moraine Lake

I recognized the scenery almost instantly: Moraine Lake, in Canada’s Banff National Park, which I visited just last summer. Still, I decided to check out the teasers because clicking around on a pretty picture is sort of irresistible.

As you can see above, one of the four teasers read “Winter brings skiers to the hills (sic) above, but for now… The park clings to summer just a little longer.” Which, of course, begs the question: just how much longer?

According to the weather forecast — and reality — for today, September 10, the answer is clear: “not”.

Weather in Alberta September 10 2014

Time to cross those fingers your city doesn’t end up in Bing’s cross-hairs next.


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