Anatomy of a hidden Colbert Report pun — pun intended

Stephen T. Colbert is known for his predilection for visual jokes on-screen, most notably during his The Word segments, when the words that appear next to his face often draw bigger laughs than the words coming out of the host’s own mouth.

But if you’re only reading the words whenever the segment is titled ‘The Word’, you’re missing out on a far more constant source of hilarity: the subtitles Comedy Central makes available during every segment.

As it turns out, Colbert is not above inserting gratuitous puns along the bottom of your screen. Take, for example, this transcription error from Thursday night’s segment on (overt pun alert) “Nostra-dumbass”:

Colbert Bush one

Why in the world would the transcriber make such an obvious and seemingly-elementary error — inserting an “eye” for an “I” to no obvious end? Let’s keep reading…

Colbert Bush two

Ohhhh… “eye” see what he did there.


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