How not to talk about what happened between Israel and Gaza

There are a lot of perfectly legitimate things to say about what happened this summer between Hamas and Israel. This brief post is in no way meant as a guide to the issue — rather, it is a perfunctory identification of the absolute silliest single way to go about holding such a discussion.

Now, given the focus of this post, I do feel the need to preface: I don’t always read the comments — but when I do, I come to deeply regret it.

A recent article on Huffington Post was somewhat of an exception to that rule. The article in question was titled, “Ceasefires in Which Violations Never Cease” — but don’t click yet — and looked really long and predictable, so I didn’t even bother reading it. Instead, I found myself inexplicably scrolling down to the comments section, just to see how the real battle was going.

I stopped reading after about three comments — not because I could no longer take it, but because I felt compelled to share what I found with you all. Focus on the second comment below — what Ethan Shapiro  had to say is largely beside the point:

HuffPo comments

Instead, I would like to draw your attention to how “Jerry Bigness” — if that’s his real name — decided to respond:

Of course your views are going to be biased, your (sic) Jewish.

Good point! Everybody knows Jews can’t be trusted to formulate an objective opinion on the subject, much less show any sympathy toward the poor, oppressed Palestinians. Except that the original article, which I imagine could not have possibly been more critical of Israel, was penned by none other than the Notorious J.E.W. (and multi-linguist) Noam Chomsky.



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