Someone over at Tablet needs to learn how to write a proper headline

1. Let’s start with “State Department Spokesperson: Gaza Strikes Are War Crimes“:

War Crimes Tablet

Just one small problem: all she said was, “the suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians,” and that, “Israeli authorities say they’re investigating. We expect these to be investigated thoroughly and promptly, and we’ll continue pushing them to do so.” Those statements might imply war crimes, if that’s what you want to hear, but the only place the words “war crimes” were uttered was in the Human Rights Watch report she was being asked to respond to — and in Tablet’s headline.

2. Next up, “15 American Rabbis You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should“:

15 Rabbis Tablet

Where does Tablet get off telling me of which Rabbis I have and haven’t heard? As it happens, I recognize at least five of these Rabbis, at least by name  — please revise your headline accordingly. Something like but not necessarily, “10 American Rabbis You Haven’t Heard Of, But Should, and Also 5 More Rabbis You Have Heard Of, so Good For You.”

3. This one’s the worst — “Study Says All Ashkenazi Jews Are 30th Cousins“:

Ashkenazi Tablet

Preposterous. This very blog has previously given extensive coverage to the activities of my notorious cousin, as well as various other relatives as the occasion has arisen. All of these relatives are, so far as I know, Ashkenazi Jews, but they are most certainly no 30th cousins of mine. Indeed, they are first cousins, and I can locate and identify certain second, third, and slightly more distant Ashkenazi Jew-cousins to boot. So to proclaim that “all Ashkenazi Jews are 30th cousins” — as the Tablet headline-writer recklessly did — is to distort the actual finding of the study. We are actually quite often more closely related than that.


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