The more things change, the harder it is to remember things were ever different

Via Newser, a heartwarming 9/11-related story:

Every year on 9/11, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has tweeted out an image of a tattered wedding photo that a friend of hers found at Ground Zero, in the hopes that this time, the right person would see it. And now, after 13 years of trying, the right person has. On Friday, the Lesley University professor’s search suddenly went viral, drawing attention from the Boston-area blog site Universal Hub, the amateur sleuths at Reddit, and several news sites. More than 68,000 people retweeted the photo, the New York Daily News reports, and before long it had come to the attention of the photo’s owner, a Colorado man named Fred Mahe.

A likely story — but just one problem: If Keefe really has been tweeting the image every year since 2001 (2002?), why isn’t she a billionaire like the people who founded Twitter in 2006?



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