Colbert committed a pretty embarrassing Middle East faux pas

On Tuesday night’s show, in a segment titled The Kinda-Sorta War and the U.S.’s Mysterious Allies, Stephen Colbert turned his attention to Barack Obama’s kinda-sorta war on ISIS, and the mysterious Arab allies his government insists are ready to carry out airstrikes in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. There was just one problem — check out the graphic he used to illustrate the unidentified Arab partners and see if you can spot it:

Colbert Arab partners

If you could, feel free to stop reading here. If you couldn’t, here’s Slate answering Is Iran an Arab Country?

Alone among the Middle Eastern peoples conquered by the Arabs, the Iranians did not lose their language or their identity. Ethnic Persians make up 60 percent of modern Iran, and modern Persian is the official language. (Persian also has official status in Afghanistan, where Dari, or Afghan Persian, is one of two official languages.) In addition, the majority of Iranians are Shiite Muslims while most Arabs are Sunni Muslims.

Iran — not an Arab country. And while I’m at it: O.J. Simpson — not a Jew.


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