Anonymous Daily Show staffer is up to his or her old tricks

Back in July, I noted that an anonymous Daily Show staffer was working behind the scenes to undermine Jon Stewart’s most facile points. In that post, I highlighted the seemingly-unintentional inclusion of an NBC screenshot that revealed the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped by Hamas operatives in the West Bank had been killed, which provided certain context Stewart had failed to provide in a widely-shared clip slamming Israel for its activities in Gaza. It was one of this blog’s most popular posts of all time.

Well, I have no doubt that drawing from the same well will help me catch lightning in a bottle a second time. So here’s a breaking story for you: that anonymous Daily Show staffer is back (assuming s/he ever left)!

On last night’s show, he subtly undermined Jon Stewart again — and it turns out he’s a bit of a passive-aggressive pedant (remind you of anyone?). So while Stewart said of the Khorasan Group, “You wish this group was as nice as ISIS,” the Comedy Central-sponsored subtitled wasted no time correcting his grammar:

Sewart grammar



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