Requiem for a Season

The Oakland Athletics’ season-long masterpiece of performance art mercifully came to an end this evening, but for 20 other baseball teams, the 2014 season wrapped up a couple of days ago (if not earlier).

What follows is a brief illustration of this baseball season, and every baseball season:


The above, courtesy of Red Sox (and former Marlins) owner John Henry, in response to Miami’s complaint that Boston sent a team of minor leaguers to play a spring training game, instead of the major leaguers who had won the 2013 World Series.


Fangraphs leaderboards

The above, courtesy of Fangraphs, depicting the Major League Baseball leaderboard for team position player performance in 2014, sorted by Wins Above Replacement (WAR). You may note that I have chosen to highlight the performances of Miami and Boston (vaguely) according to team color. You may further note that their location in this ordinal ranking is rather proximate.

Mr. Henry, the Marlins await your apology. Hashtag you can’t predict ball. But maybe at a certain point you should be able to see this coming.


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