Amazon’s not the only outfit bringing Arrested Development back to life

Netflix might have brought us Season 4, and may eventually commission Season 5 & a movie, but the rest of the world refuses to wait for more Arrested Development.

Earlier this week, I described Amazon’s bold move to move ahead with an Arrested Development spinoff. And now, real life is getting in on the opportunity. Newser:

A self-help author who spent nearly two years in prison for the deaths of three people following an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony is again hosting seminars in the state. Starting yesterday in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, James Arthur Ray is leading discussions on how to deal with personal crisis. His website says ticket holders can speak with Ray about challenges they face in their lives. . .

Ray said his experience could be of help to people, and added, “It would’ve been easier to do anything else, but when you find your purpose, you don’t quit.” A Ray seminar will run you nearly $300. (See how Ray reportedly sat in the shade while his followers roasted in a sweat lodge.)

The real tragedy here is that the original seminars happened back in 2009, well before Season 4 of Arrested Development was released. Those deaths could have surely been avoided if only Ray knew to serve his acolytes lemonade:

Arrested Development the squeeze

That said, he should have already learned that it’s far preferable to go to prison for “light treason”, so my sympathies are limited.



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