The whole world needs to relax about the new North Korean rocket-launch site

The first headline I saw this morning informed me that North Korea recently upgraded its rocket-launch facilities to accommodate, as you might expect, bigger rockets. The Wall Street Journal has more:

Should a decision be made soon to do so in Pyongyang—and we have no evidence that one has—a rocket could be launched by the end of 2014.

Many similar reports focused on the possibility that the site is now better-equipped to attack the United States, as North Korea has expressed interest in doing before:

North Korea’s missile development has long posed a security threat to the United States and its Asian allies, including South Korea and Japan, as the reclusive regime seeks to miniaturize a nuclear warhead that can be delivered by a long-range missile.

But personally, I see no need to worry. Sure, North Korea is obviously planning to launch a bigger rocket, but the ones it already had reached more than far enough to make the regime crazy dangerous.

And besides, I don’t think Kim’s plan is to launch any intercontinental ballistics. Rather, I suspect that after his emissaries were rejected by the French, Dear Leader decided to launch a critical interplanetary mission: to find out if the moon is, perhaps, made of emmental.


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