John Oliver, meet Amelia Bedelia

In the course of last night’s discussion of why the International Olympic Committee is having so much trouble finding a city willing to host the 2022 Winter games, John Oliver noted that perhaps the organization’s extravagant demands had something to do with the lack of interest on the part of formerly-interested countries like Norway.

For example, the IOC requires that host countries stock their hotel rooms with seasonal fruits and pastries. “Incidentally,” Oliver continued, “what the fuck [this is HBO] is a seasonal pastry in Oslo in February? I’m guessing it’s something like herring with vanilla frosting.”

John Oliver herring vanilla frosting

“With”? “With“?

John, I know you could do better. Perhaps the word you were looking for (and didn’t know you were looking for) was “iced”. As in, “herring iced with vanilla frosting.” It is, after all, February in Oslo — that should have been the first word that came to mind.

Amelia Bedelie iced fish


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