Vox article on the superiority of Canadians includes (at least) one unfortunate blunder

No doubt aboot it: Canada is better than America in at least 7 ways” crows Sarah Kliff — if that’s her real name — for Vox. The post itself is not all that exciting — except for the sorts of reasons I tend to find the internet exciting: Kliff done goofed, in a deliciously ironic way.

Number 5 of Sarah’s 7 ways has to do with educational  attainment:

Canada and the United States are roughly equal when it comes to school completion; the same proportion of people have high school diplomas in the two countries.

So far, so good. But then Kliff decided to include one of the many house-generated graphic illustrations peppered throughout her article:


I’m ‘sorey’, but that spelling of ‘equivalent’ alone should be enough to knock Canadian educational attainment back down to 88. So yes, there is some “doubt aboot it.”

And besides, shouldn’t it be doot? Oh, Canada.

For the record, I’m just going to assume “Korea” refers to the southern incarnation, but you can never be sure with this Kliff character.


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