Who says the media can’t write responsible Ebola headlines?

One oft-maligned symptom of the ongoing Ebola outbreak is the tendency of media organizations to overplay the risk it poses to the general public. News outlets based in this country’s largest city have proven hardly more immune than have its residents: “Ebola in New York fires up the media” reads a recent headline in The USA Today.

Thankfully, none other than the New York Times appears to have developed a hardy resistance to Ebola-related fear-mongering. Just check out this (complete) headline and synopsis a friend recently emailed me via the paper of record’s mobile phone application:

Malicious Ebola-Themed Emails Are on the Rise


Criminals are attempting to install malicious programs on computers using false Ebola advisories as bait.

“Install malicious programs” sure does sound like an awfully roundabout way to avoid saying that criminals have taken to spreading the virus over the internet. Bravo, New York Times.


One thought on “Who says the media can’t write responsible Ebola headlines?”

  1. I would seriously hate to be the poor bastard that has to dig through this detritus for something worthy of being posted in Fan Mail Volume 2. I’m not being sexist, either. Whoever has to put up with hours of reading through posts by you lot is a poor bastard regardless of gender or lack thereof.


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