Charlie Crist’s insistence on using a fan may have backfired in a big way

#Fangate went down while I was out of commission, and I’ve been (and still should be) pretty busy since, so apologies for coming to it late. I’ll try to be brief — though I can’t promise this is my last word on the subject.

As you may have heard, the Florida’s governor debate was delayed because former governor Charlie Crist brought a fan onstage in violation of the rules to which he and incumbent Rick Scott had previously agreed. As a consequence, Scott refused to join him.

While Scott has received much of the criticism for demanding Crist proceed with the debate fanless, I would argue that Crist actually got the rawest deal out of the whole situation.

You see, Crist apparently sweats a lot, and regularly brings along a fan in order to avoid a replay of Kennedy-Nixon and — crucially — prevent his (elder) opponent from appearing youthful by contrast.

So it should be apparent why Crist’s strategy failed miserably: in refusing to debate in the presence of one electric fan, he inadvertently  cast Scott as younger by far — easily the biggest baby in all of Florida.

In all seriousness, Scott’s decision to finally make his way onstage deprived the world of Charlie Crist as Clint Eastwood, and for that absolutely no one should be thankful.


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