SNL’s Taylor Swift sketch became dated very quickly

This past Saturday Night Live, the sketch comedy team put together a short commercial for Swiftamine, which as Huffington Post describes, “hilariously explains the medical phenonemon that forces you to like Taylor Swift’s music, as much as you really don’t want to. ”

A few seconds in, the disinfomercial runs through testimonials about the point when real-life individuals realized they had a problem. Let’s focus on the first: “I was jogging, listening to Spotify… and I heard this new song that I loved… it was Taylor Swift.”

Just one problem: Swift, as you may have heard, pulled her music from Spotify almost exactly 24 hours after the SNL bit came out. And since Swift and Spotify are obviously never, ever, ever getting back together, you will never, ever, ever again go for a run while jamming to We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together on Spotify.

The skit is truly a product of its time (pre-11/3).

Then again, it’s no surprise Swifty acted so swiftly to date the skit. After all, she goes on too many of them — that’s what people say. Mm hm.


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