The most curious-est Synagogue in New Haven

I typed “Church” into Google maps in an effort to identify which house of worship is responsible for the noontime bells that have — on occasion — proven far more effective than my (much earlier) alarm at rousing me from my slumber. The results were not all that interesting. I identified a couple of likely candidates, and that was it.

But because I was curious (and possess a claw), I then decided to run another, similar search — for “Synagogue”.

Here’s what turned up (click to embiggen):

the most curious synagogue in New Haven

One of the above is not like the others — if you have trouble identifying it, it’s one of two right beneath the search box.

I can’t say I’m entirely sure how this happened, but I suspect it has something to do with how Google processes images gathered by the street view cars — and the image used to demarcate the search results on that map. Curious, nonetheless.


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