Jon Stewart is still really confused by his religion

Jon Stewart is Jewish, but as has been thoroughly documented on this blog, that doesn’t mean he knows too much about the religion into which he was reluctantly born.

Last Wednesday, he hosted Jessica Chastain, and their conversation quickly turned to gestation crates, which are used to confine pregnant pigs for up to 80% of their lives (for more details, see the earlier segments of the show). Chastain casually mentioned that those earlier segments horrified her as a vegan (even though? because? vice versa? the precise causal relationship is unclear).

That revelation prompted the following conversation (around 2:17):

Stewart: Are you really vegan? Now talk to me about that, because that’s a move I don’t know I can make. Here’s my problem: I know it’s bad. I know that the treatment is wrong. But my God —

Chastain: You love the bacon.

Stewart: And cheeseburgers. So what do I do?

Oh really, Leibowitz? Something tells me your God wouldn’t so much appreciate your having taken his name in vein (sic) to  excuse your consumption of those particular foods.


3 thoughts on “Jon Stewart is still really confused by his religion”

    1. Just wonderful to see you put so much thought into your comment 🙂

      Justifiably so. I’ve done it 11 times. 8 times in connection with Judaism; the other three times just to mix things up.

      P.S. I answered your riddle Lecha Dodi-style.


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