Why I have a hard time condemning the Swedish MP pictured holding a ‘Palestine without borders’

The recently-collapsed Swedish government has drawn the ire of pro-Israel partisans in recent months, after it became the first in Europe to recognize a Palestinian state.

So those defenders of Zion were quick to pounce when Swedish MP Hillevi Larsson — a member of the Social Democratic-led government responsible for the vote — was recently pictured next to a Palestinian flag, while holding an award she received from the Palestinian Association of Malmö in gratitude for her support:

hillevi larsson award

As you can see, the “Palestine” depicted on her award includes not only the West Bank and Gaza, but the whole of modern-day Israel (except the Golan Heights, which belongs — of course — to the *cough* sovereign Syriam Arab Republic).

But before y’all rush to condemn her, and the organization that concocted these borders, I would like to briefly remind you of one thing: Certainly, this sort of line-drawing in the absence of negotiation between the relevant parties is unhelpful, to say the least. But pro-Palestinian activists are not the only ones who draw maps like the one you see above. By way of reminder, here’s what the Hillel t-shirts looked like at the Israel Day Parade two and a half years ago:

israel parade design

It’s the same damn map, right down to the curiously-absent Golan Heights!

If you’d inexplicably like to read more about this topic, here‘s what I put together last time.


2 thoughts on “Why I have a hard time condemning the Swedish MP pictured holding a ‘Palestine without borders’”

  1. The difference is that Hillevi Larsson is a member of the Swedish Parliament, given a reward by an official Palestinian institute in Sweden in recognition of the Palestinian ‘rights’ as a state. But the writer of this article prefers to compare this official picture to a T-shirt not produced by a governmental Israeli institute and not given to an European MP-member to wear and pose in front of an Israeli flag as a statement that this MP recognizes the land of Israel. This kind of articles are making things worse, instead of to publically disapprove and to criticize both this PM and this official Palestinian map the writer chooses to look for excuses to support this PA political misbehaving and the utter stupidity of the Swedish PM. With other words: Critical and ethical journalism is obviously not his/her cup of tea!


  2. if you’re not intelligent enough to understand the difference between a religious organization (Hillel) creating a T-shirt for a parade and a Swedish Government Minister openly calling for the destruction of a UN Member State, then I don’t know what else to tell ya.


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