A new model of trophy wife? Not so fast

I’ll make this quick. An article appeared on Huffington Post Women today heralding the arrival of a new breed of trophy wife:

Men are finding the most attractive and sexually desirable women are not brainless beauties whose sole function is to look good and stay quiet, but women who are making good money and are in positions of power.

The woman who got ahead on her looks by marrying a “sugar daddy” is now being replaced by the woman who is equal to her man in earning power and career position.

I’m not going to dispute that sweeping generalization, because, well, I don’t want a potential future wife to throw this blog post in my face — but more importantly, because its claims are impossible to evaluate from where I’m sitting.

That’s not because it would be impossible to marshal empirical evidence in support of the article’s thesis (or vice versa). It’s because that’s not the game this article is trying to play. Behold,  the — precisely — two data points the author bothered to cite:

One, Amal Alamuddin. Really, though? Equal to her man in earning power? A quick fact-check turned up this claim to be not even remotely true: at the time of their wedding, Amal added $2 million to the couple’s collective fortune. Hardly chump change, but, uh, almost two orders of magnitude short of George’s  $180m.

Two, Priscilla Chan, a doctor. Considering that the richest doctor in the world — who happens to also be a drug researcher — is worth only $13.3 billion, something tells me Priscilla isn’t going to match husband Mark Zuckerberg’s $34b. and “change” any day soon.

These aren’t facts or statistics. These are anecdotes. And as far as anecdotes can theoretically take you, these aren’t just uninformative —  they don’t even live up to the promise of a single married “woman who is equal to her man in earning power.”

I imagine the only person who might marry the author for her brains is a zombie.


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