Looks like I owe a meow culpaw

I recently came across what I instantly believed to be the worst idea for a non-profit organization I had ever encountered, and my immediate instinct was to share it with you all. It appeared in a story about an African serval — an exotic cat — spotted running along a road on Vancouver Island (somewhere it obviously didn’t belong):

Doug Nelson, a Nanaimo cat breeder, said the serval could be the same one he sold to a Sooke resident. That serval escaped in August and couldn’t be recovered for several weeks.

Seems like a perfectly plausible explanation. But the article went on:

Nelson recently set up a non-profit society aimed at rescuing the exotic cats from the wild.

I was outraged! Nelson obviously has things exactly backwards: Exotic cats do not need to be rescued from the wild. Exotic cats belong in the wild. If anything, they need to be rescued from Nanaimo cat breeders and returned to the wild.

Or so I thought… until I came across this headline soon thereafter:

First cougar seen in Kentucky in over 150 years is promptly shot dead
As for the escaped serval — it was easily tracked down, after it had already been run over. And that’s just felines — the first grey wolf to reach the Grand Canyon in 70 years was soon thereafter shot by a hunter in Utah. So yeah, nevermind. Rescue away.

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