Gizmodo thoroughly ruined this joke about a naked Woodstock hitchhiker

So  Gizmodo runs a series, Factually, which seeks to set the record straight — on the internet. The problem with the premise is not just that this is a Sisyphean undertaking, but that the website totally lacks any sense of humor.

Here’s one recent example from a nearly month-old post titled 7 More Viral Images That Are Totally Fake (Maybe NSFW?). Of course, this post concerns the one of those seven images questionably Not Safe For Work: a naked hitchhiker heading home from Woodstock in 1969. Gizmodo included the viral photo’s source material on the right in an effort to demonstrate its inauthenticity:


First of all, I would like to point out that the juxtaposition above proves precisely nothing. After all, Landlubber could have simply used an existing photograph rather than created one of its own. But for the purposes of this post, I want to talk about something else.

You see, Gizmodo wasn’t content with merely setting the record straight. It also needed to analyze the original ad:

The naked hitchhiker ad was one of many in a campaign for Landlubber Clothing Company featuring people wearing nothing but their birthday suits . . . Apparently the idea was that if these people couldn’t find Landlubber clothes, they didn’t want to wear anything at all.

So now it falls to me to set Factually straight: Stick with what you do best. The joke is right there on the original ad: “Nothing is better than Landlubber clothes.” Get it? Nothing is better. Nothing. That’s it. That’s the joke. You don’t need to explain it. You can’t explain it. And the fact that you tried… thank you, I suppose, for helping me better understand why you sometimes feel the need to berate the internet.


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