The Green Bay Packers couldn’t even beat the Seattle Mariners

On Opening Night of their 2014 season, the Seattle Mariners hosted a number of recently-anointed World Champion Seattle Seahawks. It was, by all accounts, awkward. As the Seattle Times noted, the Hawks received louder cheers than the real home team, and the words “SEA” and “HAWKS” reverberated throughout Safeco Field all night long.

The outcome of that encounter should not really have come as much of a surprise: the Hawks recently captivated the city of Seattle, while the Mariners haven’t been to the playoffs since 2011. Compounding matters, while the Mariners front office recently suffered a hit job at the hands of Geoff Baker at the Seattle Times — who painted a picture of dysfunction from top to bottom across the organization — the Seahawks offer the cutting-edge blueprint for success in the NFL:

It’s pretty clear which of the major Seattle sports teams trumps at the moment. But for all its dysfunction, the Mariners organization still managed to beat the Green Bay Packers.

This story goes back to the morning of June 13, when I noticed a headline among various Facebook trends to the effect that Brett Favre had yet to appear Lambeau Field since his retirement. Kind of awkward, especially given the way he left the team and the NFL. I clicked on that headline so I could read more, and this is what I discovered:

Suck it Green Bay

That’s right: the dysfunctional Seattle Mariners landed an appearance from Brett Favre before the Green Bay Packers.

If you’re wondering why I sat on that screenshot since June and suddenly decided to publish it now, you are probably unaware that the Seahawks face Green Bay on Sunday in the NFC Championship game. (It certainly has nothing to do with the fact that my desktop is undergoing some long overdue housekeeping.) But now you understand why I’m not worried about the looming showdown: if the Packers can’t even beat the Mariners, they certainly can’t beat the Seahawks.


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