The true measure of the Beast


Wait, no, that’s the number of the beast. I’m here to talk about the measure of the beast.

But first, for the sake of context, read this glowing account of Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy’s game on Sunday:

Lacy is a tremendous back for a big game like this. After being KO’d by Chancellor in September, he almost appeared to have a vendetta against Seattle. He spun less. He eluded less. It was almost like he ran toward contact and tried to bull over or through as many Seahawks as he could. In all, he broke three tackles.

I honestly had to perform a discount double take before I realized that last sentence was not meant to be a punchline. You see, I’d recently spotted this tweet describing Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch’s game on Sunday:

Beast. Mode.

In all fairness to Lacy, those counts come from different sources. By the same metric as Marshawn’s 15, he had 7. Also, he was being tackled by Seahawks. But still. Go Hawks.


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