The editors of SoundFX care not for your precious “chronological order”

About two minutes into the NFL’s Sound FX piece covering the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship Game, Russell Wilson can be seen throwing an adorable little tantrum on the sideline: “Man, I want it! I HATE losing.” Sound FX plays the clip immediately after the Seahawks score their second touchdown of the game, but still trail the Packers 19-14 with just over two minutes to go:

Sound FX shenanigans

In that situation, Russell — bless his heart — came off to my ear as a little whiny, and certainly showing more emotion than I recalled with so much drama left for him to orchestrate.

Then I realized: in proper chronological perspective, Russell wasn’t whining — he was celebrating! the events described above actually occurred after the Seahawks scored their third touchdown and successfully converted a two-point conversion to take a three-point lead, just over thirty seconds later:

Part of what makes sports so entertaining is their sheer unpredictability, and allowing a glimpse into what players were thinking, doing, saying, or believing at crucial moments gives fans the opportunity to re-live the games along with them. In other words, much of the value in being able to listen in on NFL players is not just knowing what they said but when they said it.

Of course, Sound FX has to make editorial decisions — at a minimum, which clips to include and which not — but even so, it should commit to chronicling what went down in chronological order.


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