The one guy Russell Wilson needs to stop taking advice from

In his column published in Derek Jeter’s The Player’s Tribune today, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson wrote about some of the individuals he leans on for support and draws on for advice. DangeRuss mentioned only one person by name who does not play football for a living (like Marshawn Lynch, Jermaine Kearse, and Doug Baldwin) or work directly for a football team (e.g. Michael Gervais) — and I’m here to tell him he should probably stop doing that:

I talk to my pastor Judah Smith almost every day. One thing that he has really instilled in my heart this season is the idea of “surrender and surround.” Surrender yourself to a higher cause, and surround yourself with special people.

Pastor Judah tells Russell Wilson to surround himself with special people? Who exactly does he have in mind?

Oh no.

No no no no no.

Russell: please don’t make me question your judgment all over again! I thought we went over this with Michael Jackson — our city turns its lonely eyes to you. You gotta take better care of yourself!

As for Pastor Judah, have you never heard of the Curse of Bieber? Practice what you preach, bro, but whatever you do, please stop endangering my quarterback (even if he does happen to be immune to that particular curse).

My favorite thing about that tweet: Does Justin even know Russell Wilson’s in the photo? You’d think he might get a tag or something.


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