Can you even believe that thing Benedict Cumberbatch just said in his “apology”?

Benedict Cumberbatch has roundly drawn praise for his efforts to remedy a recent Benedict Cumberbotch. I’m not so sure he deserves it. Via the Huffington Post:

Benedict Cumberbatch apologized on Monday for using the phrase “colored actors” on the Tavis Smiley PBS show, and said he was “devastated to have caused offense.”

First of all, this is Benedict Cumberbatch; if anything, he said “coloured actors”, and that’s certainly deserving of at least a modicum of additional forgiveness.

Second of all, I’m sure his regret was quite sincere — but why is no one paying more attention to the remainder of his sentence???:

“I think as far as colored actors go it gets really different in the U.K., and a lot of my friends have had more opportunities here [in the U.S.] than in the U.K., and that’s something that needs to change. Something’s gone wrong.”

Hear that? Benedict Cumberbatch would like to change the fact that his friends have had more opportunities in the U.S. than the in the U.K. Presumably — since he’s the kind of guy who says things like “coloured actors” — he would like them to receive fewer opportunities in the United States to help balance things out.

Elementary, my dear Sherlock.


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