I spy a delicious irony amidst the swirling snows

So Winter Storm Juno turned out to be something of a dud around these parts, but seems to have done some real damage in isolated pockets of New England east of here. According to the New York Times, the storm “isolated the island of Nantucket, where hurricane-force winds of 78 miles an hour matched those on the top of Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, and forced the cancellation of ferries to the mainland. Almost all of Nantucket’s 12,000 year-round residents lost power, but they were making do.”

It’s really too bad that power lines to Nantucket were cut by wind. If only there were some way the island could become energy self-sufficient. Perhaps, say, a nearby offshore wind farm could have converted all that destructive wind into electricity and provided power to the island through the very worst of the storm.

So it’s truly a shame that it appears the wealthy residents of Nantucket Sound just last week managed to finally kill Cape Wind, which would have become the first U.S. offshore energy wind farm, primarily because they didn’t like the way it spoiled the view.

Hope y’all enjoyed that view while sitting alone in the dark and cold.


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