My plan to defeat JetBlue’s new baggage fees

Free checking is one of the best things JetBlue has going for it (after satellite TV; I have now spent two consecutive post-winter break flights watching Seahawks Championship Game highlights). But on November 19, JetBlue cut legroom and, for the first time, began charging passengers to check bags onto its flights.

I’m less interested in why the airline made that decision — the New Yorker has a great breakdown, “Why Airlines Want to Make You Suffer” — and more interested in whether it actually made that decision at all. You see, when I checked into my JetBlue flight a week and a half ago, here’s what I saw:

As always jetblue

That’s right: “As always, the first checked bag on JetBlue is free” (emphasis added). The changes are officially set to go into effect sometime in mid-2015, and now I’m prepared: the first time they try and charge me for that checked bag, I’ll bring this printout along,  ask the baggage agent if s/he knows what the word “Always” means, and inquire whether she intends to honor the contract.

This will totally work. You’re welcome.


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