Seahawks follow the migration patterns of their spirit animal counterparts

I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time, just like a nesting bird. Which is actually what this post is all about.

Back in May, I spotted a headline that read “Town Can’t Use Fire Alarm Because of . . . Osprey Nest“. The town playing host to that pair of Seahawks since March? Turns out, it’s in New Jersey — where the NFL team named for ospreys had, at the time, recently claimed its first-ever Super Bowl title. And apparently decided to settle in.

Turns out, the Hawks are surprisingly difficult to dethrone:

The raptors built a nest inside the siren used by Spring Lake’s fire department and first-aid squad. By law, the nest can’t be disturbed [at least until Sept. 1], because ospreys are listed as a threatened species in New Jersey during their breeding season.

No accident, of course, that September 1 came just days before the Seahawks opened their title defense against the Green Bay Packers in Seattle (on September 4). That’s right: the Hawks laid claim to Jersey all through the offseason — until they set off, presumably, to find themselves a new throne. So if you any of you bird-watchers are looking to spot an osprey sometime over the coming 8 months or so, I might suggest it’s time to head down to Arizona.

Go Hawks.


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