About those “Seadderall Cheathawks”

At the beginning of Thursday’s The Nightly Show, (apparently-devoted Seahawks fan) Larry Wilmore had the following to say:

Indeed, one of the nice things about this year’s Super Bowl is that — for once — the team accused of being cheating cheaters is not the Seahawks.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal published an article alleging the team’s defense was so spectacular because the secondary cheated on every play (my response here).

This year, even I went out of my way to note that the Patriots are not the only Super Bowl team to suffer from deflated balls. Indeed, Patriots fans are beginning to fire back with precisely that point:

That article’s a little out of date, so I think it’s worth re-examining the allegation. Here’s a list of Seahawks suspensions for substance abuse since Pete Carroll became the team’s head coach in January 2010 (facts & figures courtesy of Wikipedia):

2-Jul-10 4 games LenDale White RB Seattle Seahawks
16-Jul-10 1 game Leroy Hill LB Seattle Seahawks
6-Dec-11 4 games John Moffitt OG Seattle Seahawks
23-May-12 4 games Allen Barbre OT Seattle Seahawks
20-Nov-12 4 games Winston Guy SS Seattle Seahawks
5-Dec-12 4 games Brandon Browner CB Seattle Seahawks
17-May-13 4 games Bruce Irvin DE Seattle Seahawks
24-Nov-13 4 games Walter Thurmond CB Seattle Seahawks
18-Dec-13 Indefinite (Later changed to 4 games) Brandon Browner CB Seattle Seahawks

And just to review, where are those players now? Hill: free agent. Moffitt: retired. Barbre: Eagles. Guy: Colts. Browner: Patriots. Irvin: Seahawks. Thurmond: Giants. Browner: Patriots.

In other words, more of those Seahawks suspensions are currently sitting on New England’s roster than on Seattle’s. (Not to mention that the Patriots earned two suspensions of their own during that same time frame, and one of those two players is still on their team.)

Go Cheathawks.


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