Corrigendum for the Seattle Times, period.

I’ve already published two pieces tonight titled Corrigendum for the Seattle Times’ “12th Fan of the week” and Corrigendum for the Seattle Times’ “12th grammar Nazi”. I thought it would be nice to add one more to the collection before I went to bed: As you can see, this post is intended as a corrigendum for the Seattle Times itself.

Here is the very last paragraph of an article by Jayson Jenks that appeared in today’s paper, titled “Shhh! Here’s the secret behind Seahawks’ 8-game win streak“:

An offense might get the best of the Seahawks once during a game with a long drive, and it might even burn them twice. But, as defensive tackle Tony McDaniel said, “It’s definitely not going to happen multiple times.”

I hate to play the role of grammar Nazi, but according to the dictionary, multiple means “having, relating to, or consisting of more than one individual, element, part, or other component”. Here are some examples of “more than one”: Seven. Thirty-nine. Eleventy-trillion. Four hundred and eighty two. Two.

So to recap: If New England’s offense burns the Seahawks twice or thirty nine or even elenty-trillion times during the Super Bowl with long drives, it will have “definitely” accomplished the feat “multiple times”. The more you know.


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