A rather ironic complaint about Michael Sam

Michael Sam has not been on an NFL roster since the Cowboys released him in October, but he’s still making headlines. In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, I noticed that at least one sports blog went out of its way to poll fans in Arizona about whether they would mind Sam’s presence on their respective teams. Unsurprisingly, fans from Seattle and New England were overwhelmingly indifferent.

The  continued fascination with Michael Sam reminded me of an ironic comment I spotted on Seahawks blog Field Gulls all the way back in February, a mere ten days after the Hawks won their first Super Bowl (good times) and even more shortly after Michael Sam declared he would enter the 2014 NFL draft (click to embiggen):


I can personally sympathize with your lack of interest in Sam and his genitals. But memo to one Mr. “bigDhawk”: For as little impact as Michael Sam has made in the NFL, I am even less interested in the genitals of some middling online football commenter.

Unless, of course, your screenname is an homage to Marshawn Lynch, in which case, carry on.


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