Brandon Browner is a freaking prophet

One big reason Tom Brady and his Patriots were able to score four touchdowns in the Super Bowl was the health of the Seahawks’ secondary: Earl’s separated shoulder and torn labrum. Sherman’s elbow. Kam’s bone bruise and torn MCL.

New England was more than aware of those injuries, and planned to take advantage of them from before the first snap. Here’s former-Seahawk, current-Patriot Brandon Browner before the game:

I’m going to tell my teammates, ‘Go hit that elbow, go hit that shoulder. Try to break it if you can.

Well, New England, mission accomplished:

If you can’t tell how gruesome Jeremy Lane’s injury was, watch Thomas’s reaction (Seahawks #29) at the very end of the clip.

Now, I obviously don’t think New England or Brandon Browner intentionally targeted Lane or tried to injure him on this play — there’s a reason I called Browner a prophet and not a thug or assassin or bounty hunter or what have you.

But still, the whole sequence of events did not further endear him to me, and in fact landed him somewhere on my shitlist. I suppose you could say that means he’s gotten browner.


3 thoughts on “Brandon Browner is a freaking prophet”

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