Where exactly have you heard Uptown Funk before?

Like “Let It Go” last Passover, the Parody of Purim 2015 was Uptown Funk — in a runaway. I’ve come across four renditions of “Shushan Funk”, and there are almost certainly more out there:

That’s not surprising. While the connection between “Let It Go” and “Let my people go” may have made for a natural fit, it’s hard to avoid a song that has spent the past nine weeks atop the Hot 100.

So, “Uptown Funk“. It’s a song. And now the Jews adopted it. But what makes it so popular? Here’s one website’s take:

[Bruno] Mars doesn’t have a Thriller or a Bad under his belt, but he can still approach the infectiousness of a [Michael] Jackson beat. “Uptown Funk” swings with all the bright, uptempo funk that made Jackson’s biggest hits such irresistible tracks.

Almost, but not quite. The comparison to Jackson is certainly apt, but I don’t think it goes nearly far enough. Mars may not have “a Bad” under his belt, but with the release of “Uptown Funk”, he actually has something better: quite literally, “Bad”. They’re the exact same song — and I’m certainly not the first one to notice:

That’s fine. That’s how the music industry works these days. But maybe, like Rixton & Rob Thomas before them, it would be nice to give Jackson a writing credit. Even if he doesn’t really need it.

Update, 7/27/2016: “Bad Funk” seems to have been taken down by Youtube, so here’s a more recent entry along the same lines:


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