Seattle betrayed by another of its own corporate citizens

The story of Starbucks’ betrayal of the city of Seattle has been thoroughly rehearsed. And since it had been some time since that series of unfortunate events, Microsoft decided to remind Seattle it too can act with callous disregard of local sports icons.

Now, I like Microsoft. I use/am a PC. I have a Windows Phone. Which is how I came across this upsetting discovery:


That’s right: when I type Russell into my phone, Windows offered several predictions, including Westbrook. Courtesy of the Google:


Ostensibly, the Windows Phone keyboard — like iOS and Androidcan learn from the words you type, so its predictions should never be just a shot in the dark. Which is why I have no plausible explanation for the fact my phone suggested “Westbrook” — of all Russells, the one who plays for my city’s sworn enemy — over Russell Wilson — a word combination I’ve probably entered into my phone hundreds of times — other than deliberate malice. Always Complete.


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