Seattle is just so far off the late night map

In August, Jon Stewart inexplicably forgot about Washington (and the legality of its weed). More recently, erstwhile replacement John Oliver committed similar oversight during his segment on the controversial “Race Together” campaign from Starbucks:

Oliver opens his commentary with a clip of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz explaining his new initiative. Oliver commented, “I think it’s pretty clear: no one has said ‘no’ to this guy in 25 years.”

That is just demonstrably ignorant of what transpired a few short years ago. Washington failed to pass House Bill 3233 and Senate Bill 6849, which would have provided public funds for the renovation of Key Arena while Schultz still owned the SuperSonics, and Seattle rejected additional pleas for subsidies. As a result, Schultz sold the team to Oklahoma Shitty.

All this transpired less than a decade ago. So, John Oliver, you’ve got it all wrong: no one has said ‘no’ to this guy in more like ten years.


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